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TLT Carlsbad facility comes online

CARLSBAD, New Mexico - Titan Lansing Transloading (TLT) announces its Frac Sand Transloading Permian Basin expansion near Carlsbad, NM. The company is receiving frac sand at its newly-constructed high-speed unit train destination frac sand transloading facility 25 miles northeast of Carlsbad, NM in Eddy County. The facility is capable of receiving and unloading 110 cars or 25 million pounds of sand within 24 hours under dedicated BNSF power.

“Maintaining an accelerated timeline on this project has been possible due to the involvement of the BNSF, Southwestern Railroad, Carlsbad Department of Development, and Governor Martinez’s office, which has been very supportive of the project,” Shannon Himango, TLT president, said. “We look forward to serving the Permian Basin with our highly efficient facility.”

About Titan Lansing Transloading

Titan Lansing Transloading is a services and logistics company serving the Permian Basin with frac sand storage and transloading facilities located in Texas and New Mexico. Titan Lansing Transloading provides a bottleneck solution between the sand producer and the end user.

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